Beauty Checks: 4 Real Dangers of Sleeping with Make up on

If you don't sleep with make up on, I am sure you know someone who does and thinks it's no big deal, well it actually is.

We have always been told that always wash or wipe your face every time before you sleep and I thought maybe it is so you do not stain your linen but actually there is a more important reason.

I am extremely guilty of sleeping with a full face of make up because some days I am just too lazy to take it off or I was out late and just got home and passed out.

Here is why you should never sleep with make up on.

It clogs pores
Unremoved make up embeds it's self in to your pores and cause you to have clogged and oversized pores. You don't need a complicated skincare regimen for glowing skin, a simple routine is totally fine.
Always Wash Your Make up Before Sleeping 

Cleanse to remove debris, exfoliating to shed old skin cells and encourage cell renewal, and moisturizing to balance oil and water levels in the skin.

Causes wrinkles
"Dirt and makeup trapped against your skin cause environmentally-induced oxidative damage," says Dr. Chiu. "This leads to a breakdown of the skin barrier and prematurely ages your face" according to House Keeping.

Here is the Daily Mail's experiment from back in 2013 which one woman stopped washing her face for an entire month and simply reapplied her makeup over her unwashed skin each morning. The results: experts said she literally aged herself by 10 years — all because she skipped cleansing for 30 days.

Causes break Outs
Sleeping with make up on is also a recipe for zits. The build up of bacteria and the debris left by oil make you prone to acne.

You could put yourself at risk for an infection
Uncleansed skin puts you at risk of infection as your skin's barrier is compromised. You may also get irritated eyes and lips. At night, if you wear heavy makeup, start with a quick makeup wipe. If you have normal to dry skin, find a gentle cleanser to lift off impurities, makeup, and dirt


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