Islamic Cleric: Eto’o Like Weah, will Become President

Ghanaian Islamic cleric - Mallam Sham Una Ustarz Jibril says former captain of the Indomitable Lions Samuel Eto’o would be a candidate for a presidential election in Cameroon.

Previously, he was accredited with his accurate predictions and prophesies. According to him, the respected footballer will follow the footsteps of Liberia’s President George Oppong Weah to lead his country.

In an interview, Jibril was emphatic that the former Barcelona striker will end his football career as a politician.

“He [Eto’o] in person does not have a presidential ambition but the youth in Cameroon and the rest in the diaspora will force him to contest the presidential elections,” he said.

Mallam Sham’s prediction comes after some international media platforms have hinted that the Samuel Eto’o would be a candidate for the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon.
Is he a Presidential Candidate? 

He added that “Eto’o will be a good leader ever in Cameron”

But earlier in April, Eto’o threatened to sue a news website for defamation, after they published a false interview, where he claimed he was set to run in the 2018 Cameroon presidential election.

“I, therefore, believe that the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon and the exercise of the supreme office are very important and cannot be discussed lightly. More seriously, the authors of this farce mocked the Anglophone crisis — a situation that causes desolation and mourning in my country.

“I think that the words attributed to my modest self under the guise of a supposed farce are absolutely reductive and denote a total lack of respect,” said the striker. - Online Sources 


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