$15 Billion Loot: Robert Mugabe 'Avoids' Parliament Grilling

Harare - The much-anticipated appearance by former president Robert Mugabe, turned out to be a non-event, after the octogenarian failed to turn up. 

Mugabe was expected to make an appearance in parliament to be grilled on his knowledge of the missing $15 billion diamond revenue.

During his time as president Mugabe claimed that there was $15 billion in diamond revenue which was unaccounted for.
Robert Mugabe

Chairman of parliamentary committee Temba Mliswa revealed that they have made a reconsideration, after it was determined that 9 a.m. is too early for him since during his time of work he used to start late.

Ministers in Mugabe's government have denied the $15 billion figure as being exaggerated. 

"Allow me to lay this analysis, which sets out who is the key diamond producer and what the annual production per carat and the value is so that we can make our own judgments as to whether or not we are basically saying $15 billion worth of diamonds which did not exist was stolen," he said.

"I just want us to engage our brains; please it does not matter who said what. Let us engage our brain and see what is true and what is not. Do not misread the former president who was speaking figuratively. I am not saying in any way that there may not have been an abuse," Finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa said.

Mugabe will now appear next Monday at 2 p.m. 


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