Face Saver: Losing Zanu-PF Gurus Given Second Chance

Harare — Trusted Emmerson Mnangagwa's lieutenants who dismally lost Zanu-PF primary elections to underdogs, have been offered an olive branch in a scheduled rerun in 13 national assembly and senatorial constituencies.  

Mnangagwa's special advisor Christopher Mutsvangwa and war veteran leader Douglas Mahiya are among the notable losers.   

The losing trio have blamed the ousted G40 cabal and police for orchestrating their downfall, in a bid to revenge their fall from grace in November 2017, alongside Robert Mugabe.  

Zanu-PF's secretary for administration Obert Mpofu announced a rerun. 

“The politburo has resolved to have re-runs in constituencies where gross malpractices were noticed or were identified. The commissariat department will inform the affected constituencies at the earliest possible time. 
Christopher Mutsvangwa

“They are very few, less than 10. They are mostly in Mash West and some are in Harare. But the details of these constituencies will be pronounced by the commissariat department.”

The scheduled elections are likely to be done in constituencies lost by the trio. 

“They are very few, they are less than ten and they are mostly in Mashonaland West and Harare provinces. But full details of these constituencies will be pronounced by the Commissariat Department,” Mpofu added. 

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa has condemned losing candidates, in a clear reference to Mutsvangwa.

“The party is bigger than its individual members. It is a mass party, the people’s party. Zanu PF is like a pocket, we can all fit in that Zanu PF pocket.

“But if you want to take Zanu PF and put it in your pocket, you will get burnt until you remove the party from your pocket. A such, we, as members of party, must recognise the enormousness of the party and its rich ideology.”

“Furthermore, as we reflect on the recent primary elections, and ready ourselves for a united, solid and formidable campaign ahead, I encourage us to be guided by our party constitution, which obligates each and every one of us to be loyal to the party and to observe and abide by its polices, rules and regulations,” Mnangagwa said.

A record number of more than 8 000 candidates participated in the primaries. — Online Sources 


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