Please Help: "My Stomach Keeps Growing Big Daily"

Harare – Her bulging stomach, unhurried steps among other features are synonymous with pregnancy. And one will be forgiven for concluding that Bridget Zireni is expecting. 

But the 16-year-old is neither pregnant nor seeking maternity aid. Her stomach is heavily swollen due to a growth in her belly – and if she cannot get $4 000 for an operation, her prolonged battle with the rare disorder might be fatal.

Bridget’s condition began while she was in form 1 in 2015 – leading to abandon her studies in rural Buhera.

“It all began with a stomach ache but my stomach began to swell slowly. I cannot sit, walk or eat because my stomach keeps enlarging. I wish someone could help me so that I can return to school for my studies,” pleaded Bridget.
Bridget Condition is Giving her Trouble 

Her father is out of options, while all efforts to help his ailing daughter have failed so far. All efforts to get her operated were thwarted by hospitals that required a substantial upfront payment, which the family cannot afford.

“We are out of ideas to help her. Bridget was good in school and she had a promising future but she has since left school due to her condition,” her father said.

Hospitals in Mutare demanded $3 000 for an operation, though they firmly believe she was bewitched. They only managed to raise $460, while well-wishers pledged $41 towards her treatment.

Chitungwiza Hospital director believe Bridget’s disorder can be permanently reversed after a n examination. Previously the hospital has assisted women with similar conditions.

Bridget can be contacted via her father on: +263 777 317 581 or through CABS bank: 588 892 300 472 9488.


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