Second Chance: Zanu PF to Hear Appeals from Losing Candidates

Harare - The ruling Zanu PF party will entertain appeals from aspiring candidates who have pointed out anomalies during the recent primary elections.

Elections chairperson Engelbert Rugeje said they have put in place corrective measures to address the various concerns.   

“Most provinces are through with voting. Of course, there are some few areas which might have issues, but it cannot be an endless process.

“We will first receive the results and make a review looking at those with appeals. We will consider all appeals. We are winding up business today (yesterday) and there has been remarkable progress in all the provinces,” Rugeje said.

The commissar insisted the process was still democratic, despite reported challenges.  
Zanu PF Primaries 

“Of course, we have challenges in some areas where ballot papers were not delivered on time and some are saying their names were not on the ballot papers as candidates, while some were saying their names were not appearing on the cell registers,” said Lt Gen Rugeje (Rtd).

“We have put in place corrective measures to deal with those anomalies. After finishing all the processes, I will invite the media to announce the names of successful candidates officially. I can’t give you a date, but that will eventually happen, but first there are some stages we have to go through.”

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa praised the voting process. 

“As we inch nearer and nearer the Harmonised National Elections which will fall due in a few months’ time, our national people’s party, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) is gradually, but inexorably putting its ducks in a row for this plebiscite which it is set to win resoundingly.

“Whatever teething problems we have experienced so far and we have noted them closely, we remain convinced that the democratic course we have started in the management of our party affairs is the correct one, indeed one befitting a party of our history, our strength, and our stature,”said President Mnangagwa.


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