#AssassinationAttempt: Zim Bomb Blast Suspect Arrested, Army Takes Over

Harare - The Zimbabwe military personnel have allegedly nabbed the would-be assassin who allegedly lobbed a projectile aimed at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s during a recent Zanu PF rally in Bulawayo, resulting in two deaths, injuring 47 others. 

However, according to the Zimbabwe Independent says that the police’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has been unable to question the suspect as he has not been seen since the military arrested him.

“Investigations are continuing; we have come across some good leads yet there are also complications. We have discovered the suspect we are looking for was seized by the army soon after the grenade attack incident. 
Bomb Blast Suspect Nabbed 

“Witnesses told us this. We have interviewed many witnesses and they have given us useful information. However, we want to interview the suspect; but we don’t have access to him. So the investigations can’t proceed properly," a security source said.

After the grenade attack, police interviewed people who told them that they saw a guy who launched an object that was directed towards the VIP stage.

The witnesses said the man threw the item from a vantage point of about 30 to 35 metres from the podium, but it was diverted by a rope before shaving off a security aide’s cheek prior to landing and detonating.

It is allegedly that before launching the object, some people had seen him fiddling around.

The suspect was reported to be wearing a yellow Zanu PF T-shirt, dark in complexion and nearly 1,7 metres tall. He is about 25 years old. After the incident, he melted in the crowd and disappeared before soldiers and police went on his trail.


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