Cash Barons: EcoCash Agents in Lucrative ‘Cash Selling’ Deals

Harare - Known for making a lucrative trade out of the prevailing cash shortage, EcoCash agents are under scrutiny by Econet for indulging in the elicit trade at the expense of desperate citizens. 

Desperate citizens flock to the agents, who are under investigations for offering cash outs at a premium.

In most suburbs, citizens flock to these outlets is search of the elusive cash, though Econet has said it thoroughly did security checks on its 30 000 agents to clamp down on the malpractice.

“EcoCash routinely carries out system reviews and security checks on its agent network to ensure transaction process integrity, and to protect the public from irregular and outright fraudulent activities,” the company said in a recent statment.
EcoCash Fueling Cash Crisis? 

“Where any suspicious activities are detected, EcoCash investigates and takes appropriate corrective action, including suspending or barring the offending agent.

“EcoCash wishes to assure its customers and the transacting public that the overwhelming majority of its 30 000 agents continue to trade normally throughout the country.”

With the cash shortages, there have been allegations that some EcoCash agents were charging a premium for cash outs.


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