'Chikurubi is not Full': ED Mnangagwa Warns Wicknell Chivayo

Harare - Former jailbird and motormouth businessman Wicknell Chivayo has been referred to as a 'fly-by-night and briefcase businessman' by President Emmerson Mnangagwa after his failed million dollar Gwanda solar project.    

The President was touring the Nyangani Renewable Energy, a solar power project in Mutoko during his ongoing election campaign rallies. 

Chivayo was awarded the Gwanda solar project in 2013, paid over $5 million for pre-commencement works, but nothing has been recorded on the ground. 

“Both experiences are good because we should never repeat what happened in Gwanda,” he said.
“So both experiences give us good lessons.”
Chivayo and President Mnangagwa 
“Here is a project recently started and we are having 2,5 MW in the national grid and soon it will be 10MW in the national grid. In Gwanda, it is in the third year now and nothing has happened.

“We need in the future to have committed people who have experience in projects of this nature, not these fly-by-night briefcase businessmen,” 

The socialite boasts of riches on social media platforms, posting selfies with stakes of cash, and that he always laughs last. Mnangagwa's warning arrives after his launch of the anti corruption unit operating from his office. 

Parliament’s portfolio on Mines and Energy chaired by Norton legislator Temba Mliswa carried an inquiry into the award of the tender to Chivayo and has exposed several irregularities in the deal.

A tour by the parliamentary committee of the project site in Gwanda found two wooden cabins. The committee has recommended that the tender be rescinded and Chivayo pay back the money he was given.

Nyangani Renewable Energy has been in operation for the past 11 years, running the Nyamingura Hydro Power Station in Honde Valley.


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