#2018ZimElections: 'Prophets' Sniff out Opposition Supporters

Beitbridge - In an episode reminiscent of the Robert Mugabe era, alleged Zanu PF cadres are deploying self-styled prophets to sniff out opposition supporters in rural areas, as the 30 July election nears.

Villagers in Beitbridge West have reportedly fingered Zanu PF activists for allegedly deploying war veterans and prophets in their door-to-door campaigns to 'identify' suspected MDC Alliance supporters.

“They [self-proclaimed prophets aligned to the ruling party] would claim they had been shown a vision that we [villagers] would vote for MDC Alliance and we must stop it,” a villager claimed.
Ruling Party Supporters on Alleged Intimidation Spree 

“They prefer to continue suffering. War veterans and prophets are telling people that cameras would be installed at voting booths to monitor us. These prophets say they have powers to prophesy who I will vote for, so people are scared of removing Zanu PF.”

The intimidation tactics comes after the UN High Commission for Human Rights said in a statement it was "concerned... at the increasing number of reports, particularly in some rural areas, of voter intimidation, threats of violence, harassment and coercion."

"We call on the authorities — and political parties and their supporters — to ensure that the elections are not marred by such acts," it said.

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF Matabeleland South chairperson Rabelani Choeni discarded the intimidation claims and challenged the affected villagers to report the matter to police.

Traditionally, all Beitbridge constituencies have remained under Zanu PF control since the birth of the opposition MDC in 1999.


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