Njelele Shrine: Another 'Bomb Blast' Hit Bulawayo

Bulawayo - Barely two weeks after a bomb blast that was detonated in Bulawayo during a Zanu-PF rally, believed to be targeting President Emmerson Mnangagwa, another blast was heard in the same province.  

According to NewsDay, unknown assailants targeted the Njelele shrine near Matobo in Matabeleland South province using mining explosives on Friday night.

The unknown perpetrators also looted and destroyed traditional artefacts. The shrine is considered sacred and is used to for rainmaking ceremonies and healing.

Njelele Shrine has been bombed. Khulu (Solifa Ncube, the caretaker) said on Friday he left all in order at the shrine. I went on Saturday and we discovered that the rock, which covers the shrine, was bombed using mining explosives. 
Bomb Blast in Bulawayo 

They also destroyed the pots in the shrine and looted most of the traditional artefacts which were stored in the shrine.

They went inside the cave and destroyed the pots and also put explosives, destroying the stuff inside. Khulu said during the week, he found salt sprinkled all over the shrine and there are a lot of men from apostolic sects who are claiming to be praying on Matobo mountains.

We wonder if it’s only in Matobo where there are mountains. Our tradition and culture is being destroyed in front of us.

Njelele also known as Mabweadziva or Matonjeni is a prominent rainmaking shrine located outside the south western fringes of the Matobo National Park in the Khumalo communal area approximately hundred kilometers south of Bulawayo.

It is not clear when Njelele was first established in the Matobo Hills. Oral traditions are conflictual.

According to the Rozvi oral tradition, the origins of Njelele dates back to about the 14th century when the Mbire ethnic group migrated from around Lake Tanganyika southwards and eventually settled at Great Zimbabwe, a proto Shona settlement occupied between 1250-1450 AD. - Online Sources 


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