#ZimElections2018: Army to Support Police, ZEC During Elections

Harare - The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) - burdened with a previous soiled track record in the outcome of elections in Zimbabwe has distanced itself from any participation during the forthcoming July 30 harmonised elections.  

During a press conference in the capital, the army spokesman flatly denied allegations by a local weekly that 5 000 soldiers were deployed to rural areas to campaign for Zanu-PF.

Colonel Overson Mugwisi said the army has no direct involvement in running elections, however, previous statements by the army that they will not salute a winner without war credentials made the masses to doubt their impartiality towards discharging their duties.
The ZDF has Denied any Involvement in Running Elections 

The speaker added that, "the army has no direct role in the polls but their role is only to support police to maintain law and order and assist the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) with transport," adding that the army is allowed to choose their own candidates.

However, Linda Masaira of the MDC-T formations has castigated the army's statement.

"Col Mugwisi is not being sincere in his statement. If ZDF members indeed have that freedom why are we being denied to campaign in their barracks? Or to put up our campaign posters? Soldiers & their spouses also have the right to information and to meet with candidates," she asked. 

The elections body ZEC has been accused of being manned by former security personnel, further discrediting the entity that withheld the election results for a month in 2008.

Meanwhile, the scheduled MDC Alliance press conference has been postponed to give allowance to the army proceedings. 


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