El Nino: 2018/19 Farming Season Under Threat

Harare - The 2018/19 farming season will be dominated by an El Nino effect, with 62 percent of the phenomenon characterised by reduced rainfall activity.

Zimbabwe has experienced the devastating effects of El Nino, with the country declaring a state of disaster in parts of the country which have been badly hit by one of the worst droughts it has seen in recent years.

According to reports, as many as 2.4 million people — almost a quarter of Zimbabwe’s population — were in need of food aid as the drought adversely affected crop supplies.
The Effects of El Nino could be Devastating 

Like much of southern Africa, droughts in Zimbabwe have been made even worse by the most extreme El Niño impact in 75 years.

“However, it is not always the case that El Nino will result in a drought. Experts will deliberate on the outcome and Government and other key stakeholders will be directed accordingly,” said the ministry of environment.

El Nino is the warming of ocean currents off the South American coast around December and causes below normal rain patterns and above normal temperatures in specific areas around the world and Southern Africa often gets hit hard by either drought or flooding.

The phenomenon, a result of climate cycles in the Pacific Ocean which impact global weather patterns, has left most of southern Africa without rains in 2015 onward.


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