Hearty Congratulations: Ailing Mugabe Congratulates his Successor

Harare - After a bold and clear statement that he will not vote for his former party - ousted President Robert Mugabe recently forwarded his congratulatory message to his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa on his election victory.

Mugabe who is reportedly receiving medical treatment in Singapore, sent his daughter, Bona, to represent him at the inauguration ceremony, instead. 

Bona and her husband Simbarashe Chikore joined other Heads of State and Government to witness President Mnangagwa’s swearing-in ceremony.

“At this juncture let me read the letter I have received from our former President. Your Excellency, thank you for your invitation to me and my wife to attend the inauguration ceremony.
Robert Mugabe and Emmerson Mnagagwa During the War

“My wife is not well in Singapore and also I am not well. So I am sending my daughter and her husband to represent us. Hearty Congratulations,” Mugabe message read.

Since his ouster in November last year via military coup, Mugabe has distanced himself from the revolutionary party, announcing on the eve of the polls that he would neither vote for President Mnangagwa nor Zanu-PF.

The move drew widespread condemnation from across sectors, with most people branding Mr Mugabe a sell-out as he had spent decades denouncing MDC Alliance.

Mugabe resigned after presiding over 37 years and President Mnangagwa completed his final term before the latest polls were held.

He also stood accused of ignoring corruption and inability to perform functions of his office because of evident physical and mental incapacity.

The octogenarian has complained of ill-treatment by his successor, refusing to recognise his ascendancy to the throne, with war veterans recently labeling him an 'ancestor' and 'sellout'.


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