Hell in a Cell: Wicknell Chivayo Turns to ‘God’ After Release

Harare – Motor mouth entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo has finally surrendered his life to ‘God’ – after experiencing hell in a cell – spending days in a notorious Harare remand prison infested by vermin for allegedly swindling the state of millions of dollars in a bogged power deal.

Chivayo is being charged with fraud money laundering and contravening two sections of the Exchange Control Act.

And after his release on $2 000 bail, Chivayo took to Instagram in his usual style but this time not showing off but ‘turning to God’.
Wicknell Chivayo

“Eight long days, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I am destined for greatness, he wrote as he posted a picture of him getting into a prison truck.

“Trust God even when you don’t understand your circumstances. The purpose of our struggles is to refine us,” he said in another post.

Previously, Chivayo bragged of his close links to the ruling Zanu-PF party – and revealed his allegiance to the political party’s presidential candidate.

“ZANU NDEYE ROPA VARUME. TOSANGANA KU INAUGURATION YA E.D next week. If Memes and tweets were also counted as votes then ZANU would definitely lose the election. E.D PFEE.”


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