Martin Gumbura: Se_x Starved Jailbird Pleads for his 11 Wives

Harare - Your guess is good as mine, that after serving his 40-year jail sentence, how many of his 11 wives will remain faithful to him? 

The mere thought of missing his wives, thinking who is offering them the prerequisite conjugal rights during his long absence makes jailbird Martin Gumbura sick with lust. 

For a man who used to be intimate with more than one wife daily, life in a secluded jail, surrounded by male counterparts is hell and perpetual torture.

And since his incarceration for rape in 2013, Gumbura has never touched a woman in five years, literary.  
Martin Gumbura 

“I hope they create a conducive environment where we can also be intimate with our wives,” pleaded the controversial cleric during an interview with New Zimbabwe.

Gumbura was pouring his heart out during the just-ended Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services (ZPCS) Family Week. 

His wives snubbed media interviews at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, saying they were subjected to a hate campaign on social media after speaking out last year.

“Please leave us alone; the media have not done us any good since Baba (Gumbura) came here. We will never speak to you again,” said one of the women.

“Talk to him; at least he is far from the outside world and won’t be able to read or see some of these hate messages.”

The disgraced cleric who seemed to be in good spirits said he misses his family and being intimate with his wives.


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