Political Purge: Editor Fired for Being 'too Close' to Nelson Chamisa.

Harare – State-controlled weekly publication, the Sunday Mail newspaper has reportedly dismissed its long-serving assistant editor, Munyaradzi Huni for being 'too close' to opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

Recently, he reveled of a plan to ouster him, with some linking the purge to the ongoing removal of suspected G40 cabal remnants from the current government, which has seen many in the security forces falling by the wayside.

The veteran journalist’s sudden departure has left his media colleagues in shock because of his known links to powerful Zanu PF politicians over the years.
Nelson Chamisa

He was running an independence war series in the Mail, ‘Second Chimurenga Chronicles’, a project supported by Zimbabwe’s military.

In the column, he has interviewed dozens of liberation war veterans, bringing to life stories of heroism, betrayal and defeat from the 1980s bush war for independence from colonial rule.

Huni’s exit had sent shock-waves through the company, which operates under a meddlesome environment created by Zanu PF ministers over many years, with editors kicked out if their political leanings are questioned.

Zimpapers CEO Pikirayi Deketeke had not responded to a message seeking comment last night, while Huni declined to speak.


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