U-turn: Cameroon Admits Soldiers Arrested over Execution Video

After months of constant denial, the Cameroon government has made a u-turn from their previous denials that any arrests had been made over the video which emerged last month.

Now, the Cameroon's government has announced the arrest of six soldiers following a probe into a video released a few weeks ago that documented the abuse of civilians, the privately-owned Cameroon Info news site reports.

The six soldiers are suspected of being the perpetrators of, or accomplices in the summary executions of women and children in the Far North Region, Cameroon. 
Cameroon Army 

In the clip which circulated widely on social media, men wearing military fatigues shoot two women, including one with a baby on her back, and a little girl.

They are heard accusing the victims of being connected to the Islamist militant group, Boko Haram.

The Cameroonian army is deployed in the country's Far North region to counter frequent incursions by Boko Haram fighters from Nigeria, where the jihadists are based.


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