War Crimes: Probe Unlikely to Lead to Purges in Cameroonian Army

Cameroon’s minister of communication on 16 August announced that President Paul Biya had ordered an investigation into alleged war crimes by some soldiers.

This was after two videos were released on social media that appeared to show Cameroonian troops shooting dead unarmed civilians in the country’s Far North region.

Despite initial denials that the videos were authentic, the government has proceeded to arrest six soldiers it says were associated with the first incident in which soldiers shot dead two women and two children.
Cameroon Information Minister 

The Cameroon-based Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa accused the government of lying and orchestrating a cover-up.

Amnesty International said both videos were authentic and appeared to show actions consistent with reports on the actions of Cameroonian soldiers fighting against Islamist militant group Jamaat Ahl al-Sunnah li-Dawa wal-Jihad (widely known as Boko Haram) and Anglophone secessionist militants in the North West and South West regions.


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