5 Life Lessons: Apostle Sibiya Turns 40

Chitungwiza – The 5th of September is a day for celebration within Glory Ministries. 

The founder Apostle Pride Sibiya celebrates his birthday – and this year he turned 40 – with 23 uninterrupted years of serving in God’s Kingdom.

His anniversary corresponds with the yearly edition of Tiyambuke – with the 2018 version is titled: Building Kingdom Generals.

As he attains 40 years – an age reserved for honour plus wisdom, he shares his most vital lessons in life and ministry.

I need you, you need me
This has been the main life lesson in my 40 years of existence that everyone has a significant part to play in my life. You must respect every despite their situation.
Apostle Pride Sibiya Turned 40 on 5 September 

Give and it shall come back
A life of giving coupled with hard work will make one become prosperous. Before, I was a stingy person, but now I try to live that way everyday.

Marriage and ministry
As one’s marriage prospers and grows so does God’s work, especially if your union is centered on God?

Secret of honour
Every time I honour my biological and spiritual parents and other servants of God, something big happens in my life – doors are opened. This has benefited me and my family. If you clap hands for others, someone will also celebrate you – you reap what you sow.

The power of love
As you show others love, others will ultimately leave you. But by showing people love, I lose nothing but benefit more. If people use it against me, God will surely reward me here on earth and in heaven.


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