Macho Man: Fake Se.x Pills on Demand in Zimbabwe

Harare - Zimbabwean men are not only failing to provide for their families due to the economic hardships - the majority cannot up their game inside the blankets, with the increased use of illegal s.ex-enhancing pills.  

Social and economic fatigue has rendered bedroom life flat for many hence they have turned to se.x enhancing medicines, Zimbabweans have become crazy about these medicines.

“Se.x enhancing tablets are now popular in the country, though illegally they are finding their way into the country” said Cleopas Manjengwa a Pharmacist.

Most of the drugs are not medically certified but are selling like hot cakes and their prices range between $5 and $8 per consignment.
Sex Pill On Demand in Zimbabwe

Even when men are the most common clients some women have also turned to enhancers as a way of preserving their marriages or pleasing their lovers. According to Dr. Clayton Hove, se.x enhancers if abused they have long term side effects.

“These enhancers have long term side effects ranging from heart burn, head ache, dizziness, memory loss, heart attack, pain or prolonged erections” said Dr. Hove

Meanwhile, lunchtime s.ex is on the rise with many visiting to lodges and other secretive places for a a ‘midday meal’.

“We are normally busy during lunchtime and this is due to the number of people who come for a quick se.x. Our rooms are fully booked during lunchtime as couples and other known se_x workers come for quality time” said a receptionist at a lodge.

“Some men come here for se.x with young girls who stay along the Mukuvisi river banks and they take advantage of their situation so they pay $1 for s.ex with the girls” said a security guard who works in the area.


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