Prophet Chiza: Demonic Spiritual Limitations

Chitungwiza – Many people are wallowing within the Yoyo Christianity – their lives remain stagnant without much movement.

According to Prophet Blessing Chiza – there are various levels of demonic limitations that affect people at different levels, he said while speaking at the ongoing 2018 Tiyambuke conference hosted by Glory Ministries.

Poverty line
This psychological episode is when you are not allowed to go far in life. The devil determines what you eat and your offering in church. You have poverty that you cannot go over certain success in life.
Prophet Blessing Chiza 

For example, a family might be disqualified from achieving a certain level of education.

Philistine garrison
People are prohibited from accessing resources to offer to God – your resources are under captivity. You must be able to answer the tree of life by being productive.

Demonic support pillars
These have their origins in the spirit and include corruption in the society. One will move around in circles without any tangible results.

Genetic limitations
This originates from your mother’s womb and will affect your bloodline and will normally limit those related.


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