#StateofEmergency: Zim Declares Cholera a National Disaster, Seeks Help

Harare — Unlike in 2008 when Robert Mugabe denied the existence of an acute cholera outbreak which later claimed 4 369 lives, — Emmerson Mnangagwa's dispensation has moved swiftly to declared the epidemic a national disaster, weeks after 20 deaths were recorded around the country.

A decade ago, Mugabe's administration was adamant the water-borne disease was a biological warfare launched by the west. 

“I am happy to say our doctors have been assisted by others and WHO (the World Health Organisation). So now that there is no cholera. 

“Because of cholera, Mr Brown wants a military intervention. Bush wants military intervention because of cholera. There is no cause for war any more. The cholera cause doesn't exist anymore,” Mugabe said then. 
Obadiah Moyo

Mugabe’s denial speech confirmed reports that the government did not acknowledge the existence of cholera, until it manifested and later declared a national emergency to receive international aid. In fact, cholera peaked in January 2009 – 8 500 cases were reported weekly – a month after Mugabe’s scandalous claims. 

After the mistakes of 2008 — new health mister Obadiah Moyo has declared Harare an emergency zone.  

“We are declaring an emergency for Harare. This will enable us to contain cholera, typhoid and whatever is going on. We don’t want any further deaths,” said Moyo.

The government had suspended classes at some schools in two suburbs at the epicentre of the outbreak — seeking help from the United Nations agencies and private companies to supply portable water.

Cholera and typhoid which have been reported in Gweru, Kwekwe and other towns with Moyo attributing the outbreak to selling of meat and fish by vendors in the affected suburbs of Harare which includes, Glen View and Budiriro - with its origins in Zambia in January.


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