Tanzania: Why Parliament Banned Fake Nails, Eyelashes

Job Ndugai, the Tanzanian Speaker of Parliament has banned female legislators from attending August House sessions with false eyelashes and finger nails.

Ndugai made the announcement recently, saying that least 700 women are admitted to hospital with complications linked to the use of false eyelashes, false finger nails and skin bleaching.

“With the powers vested in me by the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, I now ban all MPs with false eyelashes and false finger nails from stepping into Parliament,” Ndugai said.

Meanwhile, Tanzania's President John Magufuli has urged couples to keep reproducing, saying only "lazy people" opted for birth control, the local Citizen news site has reported.
Tanzania President 

“Those going for family planning are lazy. They are afraid they will not be able to feed their children. They do not want to work hard to feed a large family. And that is why they opt for birth control and end up with one or two children."

“I have travelled to Europe and elsewhere and I have seen the side-effects of birth control. In some countries, they are now struggling with declining population growth. They have no labour force."

Women lawmakers who use excessive make up might also be blocked from entering the legislative house, the speaker announced.

Ndugulile also noted that “false eyelashes and false finger nails do not fall on the list of cosmetics as outlined in the Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics act (TFDCA) Cap. 219.”

According to reports, fake eyelashes can permanently damage the hair follicles, cause allergic reactions which if not treated can damage ones eyes and can sometimes cause loss of sight.

While it is true that longer nails are attractive and fashionable, reports show that fake nails weaken ones real nails and can worsen a fungal infection.


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