#Tiyamuke2018: A Conference for Everyone

Chitungwiza – As the eagerly-yearned Tiyambuke convention – a brainchild of Glory Ministries enters its fifth day – with the usually oversubscribed Prophetic Night – congregates remain thirst for more.

Since the 3rd of September – Christians from different denominations united in the dormitory town to seek a spiritual boost – through the yearly conference which denotes a path from lack towards prosperity.

The initial day was preserved for Apostle Alexander Chisango – who emphasised the need to have faith in God in order to be blessed.

“You must rise above your current problems. What you call problems are a chance to please God – the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity to become a hero of faith,” said Apostle Chisango.
Apostle Pride sibiya

One the second day – termed Deliverance Night – serpents wormed out of their captives – setting their hosts free – much to the chagrin of the devil.

“Demons understand spiritual laws – they don’t force themselves into your life. Witches understand the spirit world more than the church. Your life is a house – it is a door to your soul and spirit,” noted Apostle Pride Sibiya.

The teaching on familiarity by Prophetess Tatianah Chiza received a standing ovation from congregates on the third day.

“Familiarity has robbed us of the potential to prosper. This is a relaxed and comfortable character towards God’s servants. It is a new demon affecting those close to God’s chosen ones.”

“When you become familiar, embarrassing moments will follow to break your pride, especially when you are carrying something from God.”

The word Tiyambuke means crossing over to the other dimension to acquire new beginnings and blessings.

“Tiyambuke means crossing over from lack into abundance, from nothingness to greatness – and from the lack of fear of God to the fear of God,” clarifies the founder, Apostle Sibiya.

The conference comes to a conclusion on the 9th of September – with diverse speakers lined up.


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