Acie Lumumba: Govt Ministry Capatured by 'Queen B'

Harare - Zimbabwe's social media trendsetter, Acie Lumumba claims that some government ministries are captured to the extent of targeting his revelations, causing much chaos in the country.

Lumumba, appointed by the ministry of finance insists he was not fired by the ministry of finance and he will be back to unmask the shadowy ‘Queen B’ whom he says is the most corrupt individual in the country.

“I am not fired and I promise to come back again, and slowly I will unmask the Queen Bee who has caused much suffering to Zimbabweans,” he told local paper Newsday.
Acie Lumumba

Lumumba claimed to have unearthed a conspiracy involving shadowy figure called ‘Queen B’ who has captured the country’s central bank and the finance ministry.

He took to Twitter to muse over the events of yesterday, which led to his sacking.

"Many senior gvt officials spent their day making calls & sending orders for & on behalf of Queen B, lots of money paid.The capture goes high! One Ministry (except it’s Minister) is so captured the only thing it updated the country on today was ME. Do your job, let me do mine!"

He added that:

"Friends, I have unearthed a frightening string of payments between Queen B & many appointed officials. 

"Good thing is if the President deals with it, Zimbabwe wins. Any info on RBZ corruption please assist, time to unlock potential. +263719495724 FB Live Tue 9PM!"


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