Bottled Water Saga: Fake Brands Exposed by Experts

Harare - With the cholera disease affecting many in the capital city and around the country - another Pandora Box of contaminated bottled water is vexing the country. 

Lately, during the outbreak many have resorted to drinking bottled water, however it has been uncertain as to which brands are producing the most safe water to drink.

In a bid to clarify people’s debate on the issue of safe drinking water, the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) has re-iterated that it has on its books 22 companies whose water it has certified.
Bottled Water Saga

SAZ operates a voluntary Product Mark Certification Scheme where products are certified as assurance to consumers that they meet the requirements of the applicable standards and will therefore perform as required.

Currently water brands certified by SAZ are:

Sommerby Water, Schweppes Water, Mr. Juicy, Adlife, Well Pure, Tingamira, ZLG, Aquasplash Water, Aqualite and Krystal Water.

Others are: Vivon, H20 Pur, Bubble Springs, Kumakomo, Mr. Water, Nyanga Water, Oasis, Natures Paradise, Zim Zim, Absolute Aqua, Inwai and Baobab Water.


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