Kidney Dialysis: Brother, Sister Seeks Your Help

Harare - Dalu Moyo, born in 1996 was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2009 at age 13. He started dialysis then and received a transplant from his brother in 2012. 

Dalu unfortunately fell ill and the donated kidney failed, he is back on dialysis and urgently needs his fistula attended to.

His sister Sidumiso was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2016 following complications with high blood pressure (hypertension). She currently dialyses twice a week. The family is in urgent need of prayer, moral and financial support and that is where you come in.

I would like to raise money for a brother and sister who have renal problems, they are struggling with dialysis and reviewing of fistulas . 
Dalu Moyo During Dialysis 

I have been touched by these children who can’t lead a normal life like other children and parents are struggling to raise money for dialysis twice a week for both children. As seen on th picture uploaded the children ‘s life is difficult. 

The brother had a donation of a kidney from his brother but it failed after a some months and the sister has been desperately seeking a donor without any success. They both need donors for them to be able to live a normal life. 

These 2 children will benefit from the support the funds will be used for their dialysis, their reviews and possibly kidney transplants. To help please visit:

The support is needed as soon as possible. The support will mean a lot to these children and the family and to me, it will be nice seeing these children well and be able to finish their education as currently always unwell and difficult to attend all classes.

I would be grateful to receive funds and support as it will save lives of these children who can grow up to be successful professionals and would be able to help others. This is a touching story to me , my prayers go to them everyday


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