SI22 of 2017: Zim Govt Removes Restrictions on Goods

Harare - The Zimbabwean government has liberated certain basic goods to be imported into the country, following a severe shortage and steep price hikes, leading to the suffering of many citizens. 

By triggering these products, the mentioned products will not be affected by SI22 of 2017 restictions. Here is the full list of products. The restriction initiated in 2017 was meant to save the ailing local production industry. 

Margarine, stockfeeds, shoe polish, sugar, soap, peanut butter, synthetic hair products and agrochemicals.
People Chase for Basic commodities in Zimbabwe

The list also include: wheelbarrows and their parts, mayonnaise, packaging materials and potato crisps. 

However, people have commented on the move: What about import permits for broiler and layer hatching eggs could you also be removed. 

That is for veterinary department. It has nothing to do with Min of Industry & commerce, while another one noted, why leave out cooking oil which is on high demand. 


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