Zim Parliament: Boycotting Opposition MPs to Lose Allowances

Harare - Opposition legislators, mainly from the Movement of Democratic Change (MDC) who continue to boycott parliament, risk having their allowances withdrawn for a specific period as well as being barred from parliament as soon as the rules and orders being crafted come into effect. 

These forthcoming rules are meant to curb the continuous boycott of the incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa, accusing him of having assumed office via a rigged process. 

Twice MDC legislators have refused to acknowledge the president, leading to a scuffle with the police, seeking to evict them from the house.

Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda yesterday said Parliament was reviewing the standing rules and orders to make them strict.
Opposition Leader Nelson Chamisa 

He made the remarks yesterday after the presentation of National Assembly and Senate presiding officers to President Mnangagwa.

“We are reviewing our standing rules and orders to make them very stringent so that in future that type of behaviour (is dealt with),” Adv Mudenda said.

“We will invoke very strong censure as what our colleagues have done in Zambia and we shall follow suit and make sure that the standing rules and orders are very tight as far as the expected behaviour of the honourable members.”

Adv Mudenda said a similar model like the one adopted in Zambia was on the cards in Zimbabwe.

“In Zambia, they have revised their standing rules and orders. For example, when after the elections in 2016 members of the opposition walked out on the President just before he would give his State of the Nation Address.

Using the revised standing rules and orders the Speaker of the National Assembly in Zambia censured the opposition members by indicating that they would not attend Parliament and would lose their salary for a month.” - Online Sources 


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