House of Horror: Son Stabs Father, Cuts Privates over Money

Harare - It is an episode plucked from a horror movie. One in which, a son is overwhelmed by an evil spirit - or is it the lust of money - then stabs his father to death.

And in a desperate bid to cover his tracks, he mutilated his father's private parts so as to create a ritual murder scene.

The man Basilio Simbi, 20 then spent a day guarding the corpse, before disposing it off. But thanks to alert neighbours - all his nefarious actions were recorded.

After a heated argument over money, Basilio stabbed his father, before castrating him, then he spent the whole day with the corpse inside the house before dumping the naked body the next morning.
Man Arrested for Murder

"He had altercation with his father over money. He said he wanted the money his father had. They had a quarrel inside the house on Tuesday night and all blankets were stained with blood. He killed him and kept the body inside the house for the better part of the day.”

Deputy Police Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the report.

” I can confirm that I received the report of a murder case where a body was found without private parts. We are still conducting investigations on what transpired because there were no blood stains at the scene of a murder. Investigations are still in progress,” he said.

The matter was only brought to light after neighbours saw bloodstained blankets which Basilio washed to erase traces of the murder, which only aroused the neighbour’s suspicion.

He was arrested by the police at the crime scene, after he had come to collect his clothes in an attempt to take flight. Basilio confessed to the murder after an interrogation by police officers and said that he used knives to slice his fathers privates off.

Police detectives took the suspect for indications where he had hidden the knives he had used to kill his father.


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