Tibor Nagy: Cameroon Separatist Crisis Could get 'Worse'

A top US diplomat in Africa says the separatist crisis in Cameroon could get much worse, saying "the last thing we need" is growing radicalisation in response to the actions of security forces.

Tibor Nagy told reporters on Thursday that the situation in the Central African nation is worsening by the day and "worrying me greatly."

He said the United States calls for dialogue between Cameroon's government and the Anglophone separatists who sprang up from peaceful protests against the alleged marginalisation of English-speakers in the largely Francophone country.
Cameroon Separatists 

Nagy said he is reminded of neighbouring Nigeria, where the government's "brutal response" to extremism led to growing membership in Boko Haram.

The US diplomat suggested "some form of decentralisation" in Cameroon as mentioned in a proposed constitution for the country.


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