Bloody Festive: Husband Killed Over ‘Christmas Present’

Mutare – It was a Christmas that turned from bliss to a gory ending. 

On Christmas Eve, a young couple drove into town, anticipating a pleasant day. What ensured, has left the community with permanent scars.

This was after a wife chopped his husband with an axe, following a ‘Christmas present’ argument.

The shocking incident occurred on Christmas Eve, after the couple arrived from shopping. It is alleged, the engaged in a heated argument outside their residence.

Their dispute later spilled into the bedroom, where the act is alleged to have been executed. According to the police – the wife – Anesu killed his hubby, Vitalis aged 26 with an axe, fleeing the scene thereafter.
Wife Axes Hubby to Death

Inside the house, the two argued about the clothes that were bought for their girl child.

Following the argument, the husband packed his clothes, threatening to leave the marital home. Anesu pleaded with him to stay, then she chopped him to death – then sending a message to her young sister inside the house to witness what she had done.

Upon entering the house, the sister saw the deceased dying on the bed in a pool of blood. She later informed the police.

After committing the heinous offence, the wife fled the scene- and police are looking for her. The argument did not surprise many as their marriage was shaky. The murder could have been a result of lack of counseling for the couple.

Police say the body was taken for a post mortem, while investigations are ongoing. Cases of disputes during the festive season are common, due to misunderstanding over budget, while the economic situation has caused depression to many families.


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