Enzo Ishall: Musician not Driving Accident Vehicle

Harare - Enzo Ishall has dismissed rumours that he was driving the car involved in an accident in the company of Trevor Dongo.

Some sections had suggested the high-flying Kanjiva song writer was behind the wheel, during the ill-fated event.

Social media platform had gone viral, after the accident, pointing fingers at the rising star.

The two musicians were involved in a minor car accident with a police officer whilst in the company of Enzo yesterday afternoon.
Enzo Ishall

The accident occurred at the corner of Simon Muzenda street and Jason Moyo Avenue when the BMW he was driving was scratched by a pick-up truck driven by a police officer.

The Ndashamisika hit-maker was in together with dancehall chanter Enzo Ishall and the chill spot producer Dj Ribe. The musicians came out of the accident unscathed but their vehicle was dented on the side. 

“Everyone is fine no one was injured, just a minute scratch on my car,” said Dongo.

“Trevor wasn’t even speeding, we were approaching a traffic light and we were about to stop. In that instant the truck side-swiped the right side of our vehicle, ” said Enzo.


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