Love Triangle: Grace Mugabe’s Sons 'Share Same Girl'

Harare - She was once in the news as a rape victim. 

Former minister in Robert Mugabe's cabinet, Webster Shamu was exposed for sleeping with a minor, Tapiwa Sithole, who was in school then. 

A child was conceived. The girl was shipped to UK as a cover up plot. Now Grace Mugabe's sons have taken over.

Robert Jr and Russell Gorereza appear to be smitten by the same girl so much that they have actually dated and cohabited with her at different times. 

United Kingdom-based model Tapiwa Sithole confirmed that she has actually cohabited with the brothers although she was coy about revealing the status of her relationships with the brothers. 
Tapiwa Sithole 

Speaking to the local tabloid, H-Metro, Tapiwa denied that she was throwing herself at the brothers and went on to state that in fact, Russell and Robert Jr where the ones who were smitten with her.

"How can people say that I’m throwing myself at these boys when they are the ones after me? A week ago, I was at Russell’s apartment, I spent days with him after he called after he called me saying that he was neglected on his birthday. 

"How could I be forcing myself on him when he was actually taking me to places, spending money on me and taking me to Pretoria?
"I don’t why people are making noise about me and me and Russell now when we stayed together before. In 2017, I flew back to Zimbabwe and stayed with Russell at his apartment for a week," Tapiwa said.

Speaking on her relationship with the younger brother, Tapiwa said,

"I attended the Luxury Lifestyle awards in Dubai and Robert contacted me. He drove his car and came to pick me up and went with me to his apartment, so how am I throwing myself at them?

"I can neither confirm nor deny anything about my relationships because I am a private person and assumptions tend to help those curious about me."


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