Protests Pictures: Riots Turn Bloody, Two Shot, Schools Closed

Harare - In scenes reminiscent of August 1, 2018 - in which six civilians were shot by soldiers, two more have reportedly been shot by police as protests over recent massive fuel increases announced by the president. 

The stayaway which have since turned violent was initiated by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).

A 150 percent petrol increment triggered massive price increases, with transports fares ballooning by almost 200 percent. Riots have since been reported in most populous suburbs of the country.

Flanked by his deputy, the under fire premier announced that fuel prices would go up from $3,11 a litre of diesel and $3,31 for petrol from an average $1,32 and $1,38 respectively.
The SABC has Reported that 2 People were Allegedly Shot by police During Protests in Zimbabwe

A Police Officer Extinguishes Teargas Canisters  

Rioters Barricade Roads in Harare 

Rioters Burn Used Tyres During Protests 

A Police Vehicle is Overturned by Rioters. Schools Have Also Closed 


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