Curvy Teacher: 'Beauty Without Brains'

Durban - A KwaZulu-Natal high school teacher who is currently trending for how she dresses at school just made a video which is breaking the internet.

A live Instagram video from her was screen recorded where she went live and was saying that she is now famous and doesn't care what people think.

But what caught people's attention was the accent and her poor command of the English language, besides the fact that she a teacher, trusted with educating pupils. 

The video is currently trending on Twitter and Facebook with people asking how she is able to teach kids with such broken English.

Lulu Menziwa (26) said there is nothing wrong with the way she dresses because the clothes are not revealing. She further more says that "she is not teaching the kids that are on your age."
Lulu Menziwa
However, the teacher has found loyal followers, some are even prepared to go back to school just so they could be closer to her.

The photos of the curvy teacher have been circulating on social media and have been met with mix reactions. Daily Sun asked a question on "what would you do if this was your child's teacher"?

Almost 43 percent of our readers would go back to school just to be in the class of the sexy teacher. Thirty three percent would attend every parents' meeting just to get a chance to lay their eyes on her.

While 19 percent would drop off and fetch their kids everyday for a chance to see the sexy educator. And only 5 percent said they would take their child out of her school.

Bro Midjeck: "But being taught by a sexy teacher makes the subject easy to understand.l remember l passed English because the teacher was soo beautiful."

John Mensha: "Please tell me where is the school n which grade is she teaching I wanna go n register to star again."

Tebogo Virtuous Mathibane: "Such teachers always inspired me to study hard and go to tertiary so that I could come back and afford the clothes they wear." Moann Ka Ntombi: "Boys will never miss school."


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