Ndinyengeiwo Video: Lorraine Guyo, the Second Coming

Harare - In less than a week, her life had crumbled - and all seemed to have fallen apart, after a footage meant to be a Valentine's Day lighter moment suddenly went viral.

In a flash, she was elevated from an unknown entity to a social media sensation, albeit on a negative note.

Reports say her plea for suitors received 4 000 love requests from men but this made her to consider suicide.

Some marketing agencies had taken advantage of her misfortune to sell their wares, with a particular food outlet leading the pack with an advert brandishing a tag line: On Valentine's Day Titengeiwo.
Loraine Guyo's Second Coming

And media consumer were not sympathetic to her sorry cause, with a nude video that allegedly portrayed her bathroom shenanigans in her birthday suit, surfacing thereafter.

Her employers were overwhelmed by the negativity generated by the publicity, thereafter suspending her in the process.

But it was not lost to the girl, with reports that she might get her previous job back, after a public outcry by members of the public.
The Girl that Sent Social Media Gaga

The demands by Zimbabweans have been heeded to. And her employer, who seemed to have acted unfairly has relented and lifted the suspension allowing Lorraine to return to work after what may have been the longest week of her life.

We say thank you to all who fought in her corner - and everyone deserves a second chance, after all. 


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