#ShutdownZimbabwe: 'Protestors Stole Guns, Shot Civilians'

Harare - Rioters who went on a rampage, stole guns and military gear, before they shot dead civilians, according to army Chief of Staff, Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba.  

During the ill-fated riots, which the world blames on sharp fuel hikes pronounced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, more than 17 people died, while more were shot, brutalised and arrested. 

However the version proffered by the army has attracted ridicule from the international community, with the European Union considering more sanctions and travel bans on the Zimbabwean elite.  

Denying their involvement, the army general sad, "Protesters destroyed about 165 shops owned by ordinary members of the public. They overran police stations, burnt police and public transport vehicles and also killed citizens including a police officer. 
Army Personnel Assault a Defenseless man in Harare 

"They broke into police armouries, stealing weapons and ammunition, which they used to kill people. We have been flashing out rogue elements and we have a challenge that some of them ran away with our uniforms. 

"Some of the uniforms are stolen on washing lines, which other people use to perpetrate criminal activities. Some of the uniforms are taken from deceased people. We have not been collecting them and it’s a weakness in the system." 

"We urge all those with the uniforms to return them. Some have started returning them and there is a heap in Epworth from people surrendering them.

Nyikayaramba also said that the military would deal with any soldiers found to have engaged in the brutal abuse of civilians during the crackdown.

While on the streets, rampant human rights abuses, rape, assaults, extortion and others. Soldiers, some believed to be ruling party loyalists were deployed to patrol the streets. 


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