Zodwa Wabantu: Behind the Scenes Reality Show Coming Soon

Johannesburg - Zodwa Wabantu is not done yet - she will grace your TV screens soon. 

The celebrity recently announced that her reality show will be coming to new DStv entertainment channel Moja Love in a few weeks.

Zodwa said the show will be titled after herself and her boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda. From shopping for a casket to giving a man a lap dance in the middle of the street, the show promises a raw view into the life of Zodwa.

In a caption to the teaser, Zodwa said she was “not acting to look fabulous”, but rather wanted people to see their “true lives” through her story.

There were rumours that she would pocket R1-million for the show, but she rubbished these rumours and said it was close to the amount but much more than R500k.
Zodwa Wabantu to Launch Reality TV Show, Soon 

Zodwa told Daily Sun that the show will include all aspects of her life, including her relationships with her son, Vuyo and her younger boyfriend.

She said these will also include major moments in her show like her undergoing cosmetic surgery and “a white dress”.

“I am Zodwa of the people and I cannot hide. I haven’t hid before and I won’t hide now. People will see everything because I am telling the story of my life and it is something they can relate to,” said Zodwa.

“We are going raw. The people are going to be shocked and really surprised. There will be a white dress. I don’t want to say any more than that. People must watch,” she added.

Zodwa said she can see that people will love it and with that said, she said season two will also be underway. “We are going all out. If there is anything that happens in my life, it will come out in my reality show first,” said Zodwa.

The 33-year-old dancer previously said that she is true to her brand and will not change for anyone, so expect to see a lot of crazy and a behind-the-scenes look into the mother of one's life.


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