#RightToWrite: Don't Write a Lot, Write Often

Harare — Writing can be a lonely, tiresome journey — yet, the time spent can be rewarding. Most accomplished writers share one common attribute: they write consistently. 

For Christians, a life without prayer will render one spiritually dead. In the art of writing, not writing will create a creativity death. Lionel Messi executes the best free kicks, due to the amount of time he spends on the football training field.  

Even when you are inspired or not, a writer keeps the pen flowing — literally. The rule of the thumb: write when you are sad. Write even when in grief. Death or even disappointment, should drive you to write more.  

Don't write because you have to, write because it is a way of life, a discipline, that will later become a habit. Habits that are done once in a while are mere obligations. Don't write a lot, write often. Write without a season because that may not even come. 
Write Everyday to Develop Your Talent

Spending extra hours on the laptop in one sitting may lead to burnout or rushed output. One cannot go to the gym expecting to gain extra muscles in a single session. Instead, regular exercise spread over a period of time will bring the desired results. 

Formulate a writing routine that brings the best out of you and strictly stick to it. Here are small tips to maintain the writing muscle growing: start a small daily goal. 

Lower the barrier to start. Don't have a reason not to start. Stop procrastinating. Don't break the chain, keep it flowing. Write whenever you can, even in a toilet or public transport, using a phone. And most of all, get off social media, it diverts your energy. 

Bloggers need to publish a post daily but you do not have to write one each day. Rather, prominent bloggers write several articles ahead of time, then schedule them throughout the week. 

Five to ten minutes a day will help you maintain the writing habit. An hour per day will be ideal for a start. So why wait for tomorrow. Start today. Spend 30 minutes and develop your writing process. 


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