New Study: 5 Signs that You are Addicted to S.ex

A new study aims to explain what causes s.ex addiction. One of the study’s theory is that increased levels of the "cuddle hormone" cause the addiction.

People with who have excess oxytocin may be attracted to many people at the same time. According to the study this may cause people to impulsively seek s.ex.

Signs you could be a s.ex addict:

Recurrent and intense sexual fantasies
According to the Mayo clinic, recurrent and intense sexual fantasies, urges and behaviours will take up a lot of a s.ex addict's time.

Compulsive masturbation
There's no definitive answer for what is too much, but when it starts to interfere with your daily life, alarm bells should ring.
Five Sings of S.ex Addiction 

Relationship troubles
A lot of s.ex addicts have trouble establishing or maintaining healthy relationships. They often attach themselves to people who are emotionally unavailable and will sometimes avoid physical, sexual and emotional intimacy for fear of being vulnerable.

Using s.ex to escape other problems
Many sex addicts use s.ex to escape other problems, like loneliness, depression, anxiety or stress.

Inability to stop or control the behaviours
A sex addict's intense urges and fantasies may make them feel like they're completely out of their control.

Increased oxytocin
It comes after researchers found that men and women with sex addiction have an increased level of oxtyocin.


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